Mission Statement

Our goal is to reduce the number of mouths that poor families have to feed by providing FREE spaying & neutering for their pets. We also provide food for working homeless family who live in their vehicles, and pet food for their pets.

A short history

In 2000 we started out with five like-minded friends, and led by Ha Adolfo, as the "Rescuer's Helper". We assisted animal rescue groups to secure pet food donation, tree planting, repaired or built new kennels, organized off-site pet adoption events, etc...

2006 - 2007 the Rescuer's Helper raised fund for 3 Mobile clinics to alter 225 feral cats by using the Mobile Clinic from the Western University of Health Science - The College of Veterinary Medicine.

July 2007 we were asked to secure  pet food for homeless pet owners, and cat food for over two thousand feral cats.  Once the trust had established among working homeless pet owners, they asked for people food donation for themselves and their children. These adults ate cat food once or twice per week, so their children can eat people food. Their homes are their vehicles!

In March 2009 Rescuer's Helper filed for a nonprofit status under the name Basic Needs Foundation, Inc. to meet the increase demand for people and pet food.