2014 SPAYDAY LAKE ISABELLA - "Fix Your Pets" Mobile Clinics

Fund raising is in progress for 2014 mobile clinics. There are 154 pet owners on the waiting list as of August 24, 2013.

pit mom and puppies

Fix Your Pets Tafty and Tango banner

Puppies Mobile spay & neuter

Basic Needs Foundation raises fund and hires a Mobile Spay/Neuter clinic to fix intact pets. There is no low-cost nor free spay/neuter program in the region. The Lake Isabella Animal shelter is a very small, rural shelter for the region, and they are overwhelmed with intact pets. The euthanized rate at this shelter is very high.

The generosity of our donors is life-saving to the unwanted animals in these rural towns of Lake Isabella, Wofford Heights, Weldon, Onyx, South Lake, Bodfish, Mountain Mesa, Kern County, California. Please donate.

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