Welcome to Basic Needs Foundation, Inc.

Basic Needs Foundation, Inc. provides food relief for working homeless people with pets, who are facing crisis due to economic disaster in Los Angeles County, Southern California. These folks live in their vehicles.

Fund raising is in progress for 2015 to spay/neuter pets, TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release) stray and feral cats. Please donate.

Poor pet owners in the rural towns who have no mean to fix their pets. Intact pets multiply to the point that their owners cannot feed nor care for them. These pets become neglected and starved in some cases.

"Harry" the 10 - 12 yrs old blind Cocker Spaniel is one of the intact, neglected pets in such situation.


Working but Homeless

Homeless in tent Homless man

Hardly all marginalized Americans are recent immigrants with poor English proficiency. Many are high school graduates or have been to college but can’t land a decent, permanent job.

Food and hunger are a lens through which we see what America has become: a country indifferent to the basic needs of its citizens, one that forces millions of them to rely on private charity that is inadequate, inefficient and frequently unavailable.

We provide canned food and ready-to-eat meals to working homeless families who live in their vehicles with their kids and pets.

Current Crisis

Driven by home foreclosures, evictions and loss of jobs, many homeless families are seeking help. These people live in their vehicles with children and pets since they have no other alternative.