Please help one of the Paradise - Camp Fire, CA victims: JUDY ROBBINS to buy a used trailer to live in with her son (lost his job due to the fire) and her pets. She lost her home in Paradise due to a fire on 11/8/2018. She was able to save her elderly dog SPIKE, cat SUKI. Her only income is from SSI. She has no insurance on her trailer. She received a FEMA case number and that's it. Her son has no job also due to the fire. 

CBS Evening news re. the fire in Paradise, CA:

There is an used trailer in Los Angeles, CA that we can purchase and tow to Chico, CA (next town to Paradise) for $5,700. Trailers, apartments, and trailer parking spaces in Chico and surrounding towns are priced out of reach for many fire victims due to extreme demand. We have someone who can tow the trailer,

Please donate at: PayPal is

Venmo @BasicNeeds-Foundation

Basic Needs Fn venmo code Judy Robbins

Asking for help letter Judy home BEFORE fire

Judy home after fire 12 yr old SPIKE

3 yr old cat SUKI Drone image before and after fire

Join us to help unwanted pets, and working homeless families.

Basic Needs Foundation does more than just providing food and comfort to those who have lost their homes, and live in their cars.
We offer free or low cost spay/neuter clinics to fix their intact pets. The best chance for the unwanted animals is that they don't exist!

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